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Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Hey! It's been a while I've been incredibly busy in rl I barely have time to sleep. I managed to make enough time for my last blog post of the year with what has be one of the most exciting fashion events in sl (for me at least), Designers United! I love the theme and it made me think of luxury and soft colors, and this what I came up with. I hope you like it!

P.S. Happy New Year!


Eyes: Poetic Colors - spanish moss
Lashes: LeLutka
Skin: L.Fauna - Lapine Pale
Hair: Kookie . Chiggy (Beta)
Corsette: ohmai! Dorothy Corsetted VINTAGEPEACH
Coat: AOHARU FurCoat Leopard
Stockings: blowpop LaceTop Fishnet stockings - Nude
Head piece: LaGyo - Old Watch headpiece
Necklace: paper couture - Pearl Strand Necklace
Shoes: ANEXX Vaudevillian Shoes/Black

Poses: [LAP] BG1 - Barbie2| [LAP] - Sugar- You Broke It.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Ice Queen

Inspired by Glitterati's Diamond Room, Lady Gaga's Bad Romance (yes I love that song I have to admit it) and Sugarcube's blue jewels dress... I bring to you the Ice Queen. The Diamond Room is an amazing photography room it's fully scripted and comes with several poses, if you're looking for a prop that will let your imagination go wild, the Diamond Room is just what you're looking for!


Eyes: Poetic Colors - bright spanish moss
Lashes: Redgrave - Moulin Rouge
Skin: Curio - Petal June
Hair: Epoque - Tied Up II
Dress: SUGARCUBE blue jewels dress
Crystal Smoke: !LaGyo Bad Romance crystal smoke
Shoes: ANEXX Studded Jewel Heels

Background and pose: GLITTERATI - The Diamond Room. (Thanks Katey! <3)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Cozy and Adventurous

Helloo! I come with a double look blog post, I've been looking for the time to blog these looks for a while and finally the weekend allowed me to do so. The first look is inspired by the thigh high boots, one of my obsessions. The second one is inspired by the Knits and warm textures that seem to be all around this time of the year in both sl and rl.

Hope you like it! Don't be shy let me know which one is your favorite!



Eyes: Tuli . luminous eyes blue
Lashes: The Obscene - lashes IPOS
Hair: lamb Witch
Skin: DUTCH TOUCH - Jolie
Jacket: Emery - Jacket Sheena
Top: (part of) *linc* Petite Brown
Skirt: (Madsy) Peplum Skirt Black
Tights: ohmai! Basic Sheer Leggings WOOD
Boots: *COCO* Knee High Boots

Pose: Diesel Works Prima Donna 14.


Eyes: Poetic Colors - spanish moss
Lashes: Silhouette Lashes BABYDOLL
Hair: Maitreya Jaiden
Sweater: (part of) Djin & Tonic Knit Coat [Chocolate Chip Cookies]
Skirt: (part of) StoRin Flowey blue/gold
Leggings: ANEXX Knit Leggings Dark Brown Border
Corsage: Shallowtail Sculpted Corsage Red
Belt: Wide Waist Belt (Copper)
Shoes: ANEXX Knit Legwarmers Flats Brown

Pose: zomg 12 by Esme Milena.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Gingerbread & Snow

AOHARU's new Knit Coat feels like the perfect item to keep your pixels warm through this cold season. Mixed with the new Reek scarves and the new BOOM pants I felt it was time to hit the snow and drink something hot. The perfect place was next to Callie Cline's store and the place where Seven Ultra Lounge used to be in, which is now a winter wonderland I strongly recommend a visit.

Hope you like it!


Eyes: Poetic Colors - bright spanish moss
Lashes: [glow] Innocent. Soft
Skin: ::DUTCH TOUCH::  Jolie Cream
Hair: Maitreya - Green II
Coat: AOHARU - Nordic Knit Coat Gray
Top: - Layering Tank Scoop (Brown)
Undershit: MichaMi - GlamTank in Gray
Pants: *BOOM* Pantime red
Scarf: Reek - Cozy Scarf - Red
Shoes: Pixel Mode - Freya Flats : Brown.

Pose: hmn - stand09 - uchimata.

Thursday, December 3, 2009



Eyes: Riddle Realistic Brights Blue
Lashes: Silhouette Lashes: BUTTERFLY
Skin: Cupcakes Enchanted
Hair: Exile Monica
Outfit: Pig Ambrosia Rosepetal
Head piece: WILD O! June Pink
Shoes: *DeLa = Pumps Silvera Rose

Poses: Golden Delish - Sell Me Candy| [LAP] Sugar - Adorable.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Goldie The Diva

Lately I've been liking the idea of changing my usual dark hair tones and trying out being a blonde for a while. I thought of Hollywood glamour and classic divas, and I have to admit of Scarlett Johansson she makes me want to be a blonde at times (yes I admit it). Anyway I hope you enjoy this post inspired by showgirls and flappers.


Eyes: Poetic Colors - bright ice crystal
Lashes: Redgrave - Moulin Rouge
Skin: CUPCAKES Enchanted Cream
Hair: TRUTH - Evie
Dress: Donna Flora - BIRD Gold
Stockings: blowpop - Lace Top stockings black
Hat: (part of) *ICING* Camera Girl
Necklace: Atelier AM - ball necklace *black
Shoes: Maitreya Neyya Patent Leather Black

Pose: *TorridWear* Vain 05.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Vanidad en Terracota

I was feeling like one of those times in which I just have no idea of how to name a blog post, I hate coming up with names and I lack imagination in that department. So I named it after Vanity <33 with a little twist in spanish. Anyway let's talk fashion now, the new ANEXX boots are a huge hit at the shoe fair, and no wonder, just look at them they're gorgeous! I was incredibly lucky to be sent these shoes by machang Pichot one of the sweetest and caring persons I've met in sl, not only she creates beautiful things but she herself is a beautiful person. Let's just say this blog post is dedicated to great friends and of course great fashion ;)


Eyes: Poetic Colors - bright spanish moss
Lashes: Redgrave - MoulinRouge
Skin: Pink Fuel - Raine Honey
Hair: TEKUTEKU= Churi
Sweater: AOHARU - Turtle Neck Knit Nude
Skirt: Maitreya - Jules Jeans Skirt
Vest: Gigi Couture - Red Cowboy Vest
Tights: Luck Inc. Wool Panty Brown Stripes
Necklace: *chicoco* Red plastic ring necklace
Bag: BareRose Daisuki Red
Shoes: ANEXX Lace up Boots Red

Poses: [LAP] - WG- The Dakota| [LAP] - WG- The Haver.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Time for Circus Couture!

Beauty Avatar new releases are to die for! and along with more shoe lovin' from ANEXX it was only a matter of time for me to try to mix them both. I don't know exactly from where it came from but the idea of circus popped into my head when looking at the colors and the body suits this new collection has, along with some photography props I found at chanimations I just couldn't resist!

Hope you enjoy! Thanks to Vanity who helped me with this idea <33


The Ringleader:

Eyes: Poetic Colors - bright - foggy morning
Lashes: [the obscene] iPOS Tintable
Hair: - Dylan
Skin: *Beauty Avatar Couture* ZETA Light Skin
Jacker: *COCO* Black Leather Jacket
Dress: *Beauty Avatar Couture* ZAE Black&Red
Leggings: M*A*ii*K*I Legging Black
Hat: WILD O!! Garden Hat/Black
Boots: ANEXX Knee High Button Boots Black

Pose: [LAP] Super Chick

The Tight Rope:

Lashes: Cake - Rag Doll Lashes
Hair: Kin Cami
Skin: DUTCH TOUCH CleO : Cream
Bodysuit: (includes tights) *Beauty Avatar Couture* SALLY Black Suit
Umbrella: chanimations Lace Parasol
Shoes: AW Design - CourtX 

Poses: All from chanimations the tight ropes pack

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

La Garçon

Going very accordingly with my previous blog post, I continue the track of the black and white combination, the difference is that this time is about being delicate and mixing patterns and textures. I mixed the Allyn Shirt by MALT Fashions that I've been meaning to include on a blog post for a while, also the new tights by Luck Inc.

Hope you like it!


Eyes: Poetic Colors - bright ice crystal
Lashes: [glow] Innocent.eyelashes.Soft
Hair: BP* yuka chignon
Skin: LAQ Jennie
Blouse: MALT Fashions - Allyn Shirt Snow White
Pants: Artilleri 1st mate capri *black*
Tights: Luck Inc - Wool Panty Gray Southwest
Headpiece: LaGyo - Love me or not black
Bag: Paper Couture - The Boulevard Bag (Noir)
Shoes: Maitreya - Neyya Teo Cap White

Pose: [Snook] Oh so cute

Monday, November 9, 2009

The Electro Rocker

It's been a while! but I'm back, some sl and rl events prevented me from blogging sooner but here I am. This time around it's all about the new riders jacket by AOHARU, a jacket that you've probably seen at the feeds more than once and well it's all about the big shoulders. I loved the black and white combination, usually related with elegance, is now related with some bold attitude and  a somehow 80's inspired look.



Eyes: Poetic Colors - bright ice crystal
Lashes: [glow] Innocent Lashes. Gentle
Hair: ::69:: GLOW 10 Dark Chestnut
Skin: DUTCH TOUCH - Cleo
Top: Emery - Top Thriller
Skirt: So Many Styles - Highwaist Skirt Black
Jacket: AOHARU Short Riders Jacket
Socks: Zaara - Nishar leggings art prints *black*
Shoes: Maitreya - Neyya *Toe Cap White

Pose: *TorridWear*Nicky

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Something Light

Like I promised this time around I made two looks with some lighter colors, something more girly and less into the dramatic couture side. These looks were inspired by the new hoodie by BOOM and the new fur coat made by AOHARU.


First Look:

Eyes: Poetic Colors - bright ice crystal
Lashes: Silhouette Lashes BUTTERFLY
Hair: *barberyumyum* 16/black
Skin: Rockberry Kissed Hunt Light
Dress: This is a Fawn - String Dress [black]
Coat: AOHARU - FurCoat White Fur
Tights: blowpop - Seamed Fishnet
Necklace: SHADE THRONE - Beads Beads Beads
Shoes: TESLA High Oxfords *Snow*

Second Look:

Lashes: [glow] Innocent. eyelashes gentle
Hair: lamb! Dog Roses
Jacket: BOOM Park Life Hoodie
Sweater: SUGARCUBE Turtle neck (beige)
Skirt: NINIKO Tight Skirt (Beige)
Underpants layer: MichaMi GlamTank Gray
Socks: MIEL MI KNEE HIGHS - Maroon

Poses: [LAP] CC - Swagger|[LAP] WG - The Haver

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Feather Drama

I'm loving the theme of Designers United, and I'm loving feathers and drama (fashion wise). This is a look I put together with the new releases from *COCO* and the Designers United La Gyo accesories, that will be available tomorrow.

I'm enjoying the dark tones and the strong make up, but I have something more casual with a lot more colors on it's way, I just had to take advantage of this wave of inspiration that hit me today and use it while I can.


Eyes: Poetic Colors - eyes by LL bright ice crystal
Hair: BAX hair Nathaly | lamb! Unbirthday
Skin: ::DUTCH TOUCH:: Cleo Cream
Jacket: *COCO* Black Leather Jacket
Shirt: AOHARU - Glitter Shirt Blue
Skirt: (with leggings) *COCO* Feather Skirt
Earrings: LaGyo Big Feathers earrings
Mask: LaGyo witchcraft mask
Shoes: Maitreya Gold - IXKin Black

Poses: [LAP] CC - Uh| [LAP] CC - Whut

The Crow

I've been waiting to blog this for a while, the amazing creations made by Babyhoney Bailey for Designers United were worth the wait. The Crow is new theme, which is the perfect mix of drama and couture, just what I needed to unblock my blogger's mind.

On the left you can see the full outfit made by Djin & Tonic and on the right a version I made up by mixing it with a feathers skirt I found in my inventory. Enough words for now just enjoy!


Eyes: Poetic Colors - eyes by LL hot mocca
Lashes: Redgrave - Showgirl
Hair: lamb! - unbirthday Ink
Skin: DUTCH TOUCH - Cleo Cream
Outfit: (comes with the crow baloons and Head Piece) Djin & Tonic - Designers United Oz
Skirt: (part of) *PERSONA* Feathers Set
Jacket Layer: (Madsy) Peplum skirt - black
Tights: (part of) ::bijou:: Love Sick Stocking
Shoes: BAX Ankle Boots Black Patent

Poses:*TorridWear* Vain 09| zomg 11 by Esme Milena

Monday, October 12, 2009


I just have no idea what to call this, but here it is, plane and simple an autumn look. I've been drooling over the BAX prestige boots for quite a while and I was waiting for the right occation to include them in a look, and this was it, no matter what color (brown, red or black) the prestige boots are in my opinion one of the best out there in sl at this time. Also the new knits from AOHARU are a must have for the fall/winter sl fashion they come in two models one with a high turtle neck (which I wanted to wear with the coat and the necklace, but damn you sl with the limited attachment points! >.<) and a simple round neck version.


Eyes: Poetic Colors - bright ice crystal
Hair: lamb! - Egomaniacal
Skin: LAQ - Phoebe
Coat: ARGRACE - Coat Traveler
Sweater: AOHARU - TurtleNeckKnit_Nude
Jeans: Gigi Couture - Black Denim Ripped
Bag: B@R Tina Brown
Necklace: [[SHADE THRONE]] Beads Beads Beads Necklace (Black)
Hat: Apollon - Homburg Hat
Boots: BAX Prestige Boots Black

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Messy & Polished

Here I come with two new looks, working on a theme which I always love: Opposites. This time around is the Hot Mess and the polished look. Grabbed some new stuff available, the new Sweetest Goodbye Jacket, the Emery leggings also some newness from So Many Styles lovely as always and last but not least the Maitreya Neyya heels <3

What are you more into? Messy or Polished? Anyway I hope you guys like it :)


Hot Mess:
Eyes: Poetic Colors - bright ice crystal
Lashes: Glow Studio smudged tears
Hair: Kin - Mira
Skin: vivé9 - Miranda [glow]
Jacket: Sweetest Goodbye - GOGO STAR Black
Top: Bijou - Simple Tube top black
Skirt: (part of) Armidi - Tunic Tank Black
Leggings: Emery - Leggings Broken Black
Shoes: Maitreya - Neyya Cherry Leather

Pose: [snook] cute as buttons

Hair: WILD O! Comori hair black
Lashes: Redgrave - Moulin Rouge
Sweater: So Many Styles - Winter Sweater Grey
Leggings: *DP*yumyum - legging/purple
Shoes: Maitreya - Neyya Charcoal

Pose: {flowey} stylish bum

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Outlaw

This is a look I've been meaning to post for a while but then time constraints and damn rl has gotten in the way. But anyway here it is! With the brand new Laqroki skin Phoebe that comes with the always guaranteed top quality and great shading and along with my new ANEXX boots, I bring to you this look inspired by what I thought the lone ranger would look like mixed with some 80's style (if that makes any sense LOL).



Eyes: Poetic Colors - bright ice crystal
Lashes: Avantgarde. eyelashes -seduction
Skin: Laqroki - Phoebe [Fair]
Hair: Kin - Liya [BLACK]
Top: Emery - Mini Top#1
Pants: Zaara - Ishaya Velour Slacks* black
Gloves: DoMoCo Gloves: Full Fingers
Earrings: Glow Studio - Glam earrings
Shoes: ANEXX - Leather RidersBoots - Black

Poses: {flowey} beta summer 2| *TorridWear* Fresh 04, 05.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

El Ocaso del Verano


Eyes: Poetic Colors - bright foggy morning
Lashes: Silhouette - Butterfly
Skin: League - Skin Pale Misty
Hair: - Cassie Cranky Brown
Jacket: AOHARU - Vintage DenimJK
Dress: Pink Outfitters - Emi Strapless Dress
Necklace: Zaara - Karmuka necklace *wood*
Shoes: Maitreya - Sassy Brown Velvet

Pose: Golden Delish - All I have

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Bows and Knit

I've been getting some new releases as usual, this time around the new Ibizarre knit jacket and the new So Many Styles skirts and jackets. Also Pink Outfitters has some new tank tops and they're just adorable.

So I just mixed all the ingredients and this was the result! And pink and black always look awesome together <3
This is the new Pixel Mode sim it's not even finished and I looooveee the build, I know I will be taking more pictures there!


Eyes: Poetic Colors - bright ice crystal
Lashes: Silhouette - BUTTERFLY
Hair: BP* autumn natural chignon/coffee
Skin: vivé9 - Miranda [glow]
Jacket: Ibizarre - Black Knit Jacket
Tank Top: Pink Outfitters - Billie Lace Tank Top
Skirt: So Many Styles - Pepitka Highwaist Skirt Pink
Headband: [glow] Studio Cherryflow headband
Bag: Tres Blah - ChicSatchel (pink)
Shoes: Kookie - Yuki Sock Supreme heel - Ink Black

Poses: Pretzel*Poses - One Shot Too Many 4| Pretzel*Poses - The Devil Wears Armidi 1

Saturday, September 19, 2009

One year Collage!

Just something I wanted to do here's a year worth of blogging.

Monday, September 14, 2009

First Blogoversary!

I can't believe it's been a year! But it has been, it was on September 14th of 2008 when I posted for the very first time with my poor quality pictures and lack of photoshop skills. I have loved seing how slowly the traffic of my blog has increased and my work started to be recognized, so for all of you that kept me going, really thank you very much, all the sweet comments and the wonderful feedback you have no idea what that has meant to me. And last but not least to the designers who have trusted me enough to give me their new work and given me the chance to display it.

A special thank you to James Schwarz who told me over a year ago that I should start my own blog. <33


Eyes: Poetic Colors - bright ice crystal
Lashes: Silhouette - Lashes BUTTERFLY
Skin: Curio - Petal June
Hair: !lamb - Egomaniacal
Jacket: &Bean - Maps!
Dress: Ce Cubic Effect - TUNIC D5 (Black)
Undershirt: bijou - Simple tubetop [Gray]
Leggings: AOHARU - Legging black
Beret: MG Fashion - French Style beret
Ribbon: =Dela* Ribbon "Keira"
Belt: Reek - I hart Colors Belt
Shoes: The Abyss - The Catalyst
Cigarette: Sway's Cigarette (smoke was drawn on PS)

Poses: *Luth* Sex Sells V2 04| LAP - Sugar Adorable| *TorridWear* - Vain 08

Saturday, September 12, 2009

I'm so late

I know I'm really late and probably the last blogger to do a post about the new Aoharu jackets but here I come. RL has got the best of me and has considerably reduced my blogging time >.<

Anyway here I bring you a look I did with the newness from DPS yumyum and Aoharu, something more casual than what you're used to seing here, but I thought it would be a nice change.

Hope you guys like it!


Eyes: Poetic Colors - bright foggy morning
Lashes: [glow] innocent
Hair: *barberyumyum* 18/black
Skin: Pink Fuel - Raine honey Spoiled (exclusive for harajukubox skin fair)
Jacket: AOHARU - Rollup Riders With Shirt (Red)
Dress: ~RunoRuno~Y Dress Tee
Jeans: Armidi - Grace Jeans Faded Chic
Bag: sey Enamel Boston Bag
Boots: J's Ankle Boots Round (Black)

Poses: {flowey} fall fasion 5| *TorridWear* - Fresh 10

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Let the night come

I wanted to try something different, something with more edge and a bit more tough than usual, short hair and the newly released vest from Aoharu were the perfect way to do it. I also came across with this wonderful dress from Bijou, this is the Le Look exclusive so I recommend you go and visit the Le Look sim.

Hope you like it! <3


Eyes: Poetic Colors - bright foggy morning
Hair: - Neva
Skin: League - Misty Pale
Dress: Bijou - LoveSick [BlackXWhite]
Vest: AOHARU - Leather Riders Vest Black
Tights: VG - Spandex Tight in Wine
Glasses: primOptic - globe 2
Armwarmers: Maitreya - armwarmer Magnolia
Shoes: J's - Ankle Boots (Black)

Poses: *Torrid Wear* - Fresh 12 and 3| Zomg 03 by Esme Milena.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

What a Doll!

My latest obsession are the Cauldfiel dresses from This is a Fawn, made by the amazing OMGWTF Barbacue <3. These dresses happened to look great with the new Sugarcube blouse for sale at The Black Market.

The result was a feminine and very girly look, and it made me feel like a doll, which is what I tried to mimic in the picture. Anyway, not into typing much tonight I'm about to fall asleep.

Nite <3


Eyes: Poetic Colors - eyes by LL ice crystal bright
Lashes: glow studios - innocent Lashes Gentle
Hair: lamb! Egomaniacal | WILD O - Comori hair
Skin: League - Misty Pale
Dress: This is a fawn - Cauldfield dress [aubergine], [Blood]
Blouse: SUGARCUBE - Ruffled Silk Shirt
Headband: Chicoco - flower katsuya white
Socks: Naive - Vixie Socks White
Shoes: HAYSURIZA - Sayuri Midnight Purple with Ribbon| Midnight Red with Ribbon

Poses: LAP - Sugar - Adorable| LAP - Sugar - Leedle.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Louis: Take 2

I have to admit I've been a little obsessed lately with the Louis Vuitton looks , and what's been feeding my obsession more lately is the fact that Maria Gherardi made the Louis Jackets, which were what it was missing from my inventory to be able to accomplish the perfect representation of the Louis Vuitton looks.

Louis: Take 2

It's all about mixing textures and colors when it comes to this outfits, and the shoes help along with the beads, feathers and fringes. The latest releases from ANEXX and Maitreya and the new jewelry from Zaara were key elements to accomplish the spring - summer '09 Louis Vuitton look.

Louis: Take 2

P.S. I promise the next time I'll come with something different.


First picture from left to right:

Look 1
Eyes: Poetic Color - eyes by LL bright Foggy morning
Lashes: Silhouette - BUTTERFLY
Hair: TRUTH - Genie
Skin: League - Misty Pale
Jacket: MG Fashion - Louis Jacket (orange)
Top: MichaMi - GlamTank in Gray
Skirt: Emery - Skirt Highwaisted Carrot
Earrings: Zaara - Sayari hoops *color*
Shoes: Maitreya Gold - Salience Brown

Look 2
Hair: Maitreya - Milla
Jacket: MG Fashion - Louis Jacket (mustard)
Dress: Nylon Outfitters - Sequin Scales Earth
Earrings: Zaara - Urvi chandelier Earrings *color*
Shoes: ANEXX - Triple fringe pumps Copper

Poses: *TorridWear* - Vain 01| DieselWorks Diva 12| *TorridWear* Basics 2| DieselWorks Diva 16.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Channeling Vuitton

The new Maitreya shoe line has fashionistas across the grid in a shoe frenzy, and with very good reason! They are simply fabulous! After thinking about what color to get for about an hour, I finally went for the Salience beaded shoes in Midnight, which remind me very much of the spring-summer of 09 Louis Vuitton collection, so I tried making a look inspired by the looks Vuitton showed on the runway.

Hope you like it!


Eyes: Poetic Colors - bright foggy morning
Lashes: Silhouette -BUTTERFLY
Hair: lamb - Unbirthday Redux Ink (suscribo gift)
Skin: League - Misty Pale
Top: Royal Blue - Meshington Body Suit
Vest: Gigi Couture - Purple Cowboy Vest
Skirt: (part of) PERSONA - Feathers Set
Earrings: (modded to be bigger) Zaara Kaya Coral Earrings
Belt: Reek - I heart Colors Belt
Shoes: Maitreya Gold - Salience Midnight

Poses: C'est la vie! Standing Pose Cool #15|*TorridWear* High Fashion 5 and 7.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sunday School Teacher

I decided to change my usual brunette look and go blonde this time, mostly because the new Laqroki skin looks makes a stunning blonde! I came up with this look inspired by the limited edition of the Yuki Heels made by Kookie, which inspired me to mix red with earthtones.

Anyway I'm not very talkative today, so just Enjoy! Hope you like it :)


Eyes: Poetic Colors - eyes by LL bright foggy morning
Lashes: Silhouette - COMBED
Hair: - Leigh Anxious blonde
Skin: LAQ - Jessica [Fair]
Top: Surf Couture - La playe Tee Red
Skirt: =E.M.A= denim skirt (no longer available)
Leggings: !Ohmai - Basic Sheer Leggings [WOOD]
Scarf: VG Layered Scarf in Copper
Glasses: Miel Genius Peepers
Bag: Beetle Bones *Shoulder Bag (Brown)
Shoes: Kookie - Limited Edition Yuki Sock Supreme Heel Tart (only 50L!)

Poses: *TorridWear* Fresh 05, 10.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Pale Skin Lovers

The new skins from League, Misty have been my latest obsession and I've been anxiously waiting for it to be released in the pale skin tone, and today it finally was released! It's a very exciting day for all the pale skin lovers like me, who had demoed Misty over and over again. All I can tell you is that the wait was definitively worth it!

Misty comes in a wide variety of makeups, with excellent shading, realistic lips and belly button and a very sexy and sweet face. It also comes with different cleavage options and with a selection of blonde or brunette eyebrows. I particularly like the shading in the stomach, that gives a natural but toned appearance, but the feature I like the most are drawn lashes which makes it easier for those who don't like to wear prim lashes.

Either you like pale, tan or dark. Misty is a total win!


Eyes: Poetic Colors - Bright Ice crystal
Lashes: Redgrave - Moulin Rouge
Skins: *League* Skin Pale - Misty
Hair: - Deena (Sensitive Black) | Dernier Cri - Cloud II
Bra: Lingerie by Hollee - Summer Charcoal black
Shorts: So Many Styles - Leather Shorts Black
Skirt: Elate! - Betsy (Ice)
Necklace: Atelier AM - Layered Flower necklace *black
Shoes: ANEXX - Bijou Gladiator Heels

Poses: *TorridWear* - Step 06| *TorridWear* - Basic 05.

Thursday, August 6, 2009 fields it's the new store that seems to be the latest buzz in the sl fashion community lately and with good reason! They provide amazing basic pieces which are a must have, when it comes to complete any outfit. Every clothing item comes with several layering options, which makes them great when it comes to mix and match with other items in your inventory.

So that is what I did with the items, play mix and match! I came up with two outfits, to show all of you that the key to a fantastic look is to start with good quality basics.



Second picture from left to right:

Eyes: Poetic Colors - bright ice crystal
Lashes: Silhouette lashes BUTTERFLY
Skin: Laqroki - Jennie | Rockberry - Megan a Tan (lucky board gift)
Hair: - Cassie Cynical Black| - Cassie Moody Brown
Top: (comes with bow) Beetle Bones* Tunic Tubey Dress (wine that killed me)| - Vneck Tee (Gray)
Cardigan: Cardigan (Cream)
Shorts: - Denim Shorts | Modd.G Tabitha Jumper (Blue)
Scarf: VG - layered Scarf in Navy
Headband: *chicoco* mix katsuya blue line diamond
Shoes: - Basic Pumps| Kookie - Yuki Sock supreme heel Royal Blue

Poses: [snOOk] pease, [snOOk] Oh so sweet, [snOOk] Oh so cute| [snOOk] Oh what a doll.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Shoe Luv @ First Sight!

The lovely machang Pichot will be releasing soon her new shoe line called ANEXX, she was kind enough to give me some of the upcoming ANEXX shoes. All I can say is that it was Shoe Luv @ First Sight, ever since we met we're inseperable and I don't see a break up coming any time soon. I've found true shoe loving!

Here's a couple of looks I put together for these wonderful shoes. Keep your eyes open, these shoes will be released soon!

Hope you like it!


Look 1
Eyes: Poetic Colors - bright ice crystal
Lashes: Cake - Bedroom Lashes
Hair: Maitreya - Piper
Skin: Laqroki - Jennie
Jacket: LeLutka - LENA Jacket/Black
Top: *Thimbles* - Ordinary Tube Top wine
Skirt: (part of) Ce Cubis Effect - Song Bird
Necklace: (luc) - Seven Ultra Lounge VIP Exclusive Necklace
Shoes: ANEXX Ribbon Belt Pumps - Black/Red

Pose: {flowey} beta summer 3

Look 2
Hair: Zero Style - Kuhn
Skin: Bebae - Erin cinna
Dress: Elate! - Nivaya (ice)
Necklace: ICoN - VN Black Necklace
Glasses: Fashionably Dead - Bugeye Glasses
Clutch Bag: =DeLa*= Clutch Bag "juju"
Shoes: ANEXX Fringe Pumps - Silver/White

Pose: C'esta la vie! Standing Pose Cute #04

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Channeling Antoinette

It's no secret Marie Antoinette was a fashion icon, so much that after centuries her opulence and style are still remembered. Tiny Bird's hair for the Black Swan Swansong fashion show reminded me of the long gone french queen and it made me wonder how would Marie Antoinette look like if she lived amongst us in these modern days? And here I bring to you my attempts, or my guesses of what a modernized Marie Antoinette look would be like. Pastel colors, flowers and bows reign these looks.

Which look do you like better?


Eyes: Poetic Colors - eyes by LL bright ice crystal
Lashes: Mayden Couture - eyelashes V2 9
Hair: Glotter - getton MILK| Tiny Bird - The Killing Moon (comes with feather)
Skin: Rockberry - Kissed Hunt Light| ATOMIC - Keys to the VIP Hunt Pale
Dress: ICING - Cotton Candy| Baiastice - Organza Dress with lace sable
Headpiece: WILD O - Juliet white/blue
Necklace: Donna Flora - LULU Turquoise
Bag: Tres Blah - Chic Satchel (robins eggs)
Shoes: =DeLa*= Pumps "Stella" Sheer Emerald

Poses: *TorridWear* - High Fashion 2| {flowey} look at me| *TorridWear* - High Fashion 5| Diesel Works - Diva 15.