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Thursday, August 27, 2009

What a Doll!

My latest obsession are the Cauldfiel dresses from This is a Fawn, made by the amazing OMGWTF Barbacue <3. These dresses happened to look great with the new Sugarcube blouse for sale at The Black Market.

The result was a feminine and very girly look, and it made me feel like a doll, which is what I tried to mimic in the picture. Anyway, not into typing much tonight I'm about to fall asleep.

Nite <3


Eyes: Poetic Colors - eyes by LL ice crystal bright
Lashes: glow studios - innocent Lashes Gentle
Hair: lamb! Egomaniacal | WILD O - Comori hair
Skin: League - Misty Pale
Dress: This is a fawn - Cauldfield dress [aubergine], [Blood]
Blouse: SUGARCUBE - Ruffled Silk Shirt
Headband: Chicoco - flower katsuya white
Socks: Naive - Vixie Socks White
Shoes: HAYSURIZA - Sayuri Midnight Purple with Ribbon| Midnight Red with Ribbon

Poses: LAP - Sugar - Adorable| LAP - Sugar - Leedle.

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