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Thursday, August 6, 2009 fields it's the new store that seems to be the latest buzz in the sl fashion community lately and with good reason! They provide amazing basic pieces which are a must have, when it comes to complete any outfit. Every clothing item comes with several layering options, which makes them great when it comes to mix and match with other items in your inventory.

So that is what I did with the items, play mix and match! I came up with two outfits, to show all of you that the key to a fantastic look is to start with good quality basics.



Second picture from left to right:

Eyes: Poetic Colors - bright ice crystal
Lashes: Silhouette lashes BUTTERFLY
Skin: Laqroki - Jennie | Rockberry - Megan a Tan (lucky board gift)
Hair: - Cassie Cynical Black| - Cassie Moody Brown
Top: (comes with bow) Beetle Bones* Tunic Tubey Dress (wine that killed me)| - Vneck Tee (Gray)
Cardigan: Cardigan (Cream)
Shorts: - Denim Shorts | Modd.G Tabitha Jumper (Blue)
Scarf: VG - layered Scarf in Navy
Headband: *chicoco* mix katsuya blue line diamond
Shoes: - Basic Pumps| Kookie - Yuki Sock supreme heel Royal Blue

Poses: [snOOk] pease, [snOOk] Oh so sweet, [snOOk] Oh so cute| [snOOk] Oh what a doll.


  1. awww love those hair!
    i have to visit there hehe!
    always lovely <333

  2. tyvm Newreem! Yes the hair is amazing I went there this afternoon and got more! It's amazing lot's of cute stuff.

    Thanks again <33