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Sunday, December 19, 2010

La Famiglia: The Style Mafia

After a week on photoshop crazyness, I bring to you, my stylish family, a project I've been thinking of for a while and in which I would've loved to be able to include many more people, but time constraints and my photoshop patience didn't allow me to.

Poses: ::DARE:: Ssshape, Diesel Works - Enzo 7, [glow] Deep Breath - White lie, Diesel Works Alagan 7, Diesel Works Alagan 3, [doll.] Celestia 5 and Diesel Works Scarlett 7.

Azu and Catero: The trouble makers.

Azu is wearing:

Eyes: [LeLutka]-Reflections-Darkness-Eyes
Hair: [LeLutka]-ISHMAEL hair - AlmostGoth
Skin: [LeLutka]-CALEB_Rio_Hair_Face05
Jacket: [LeLutka]-MATUSALEN jacket/dark
Pants: [LeLutka]-ARRUGADOS pants/black (unreleased)
Vest: AOHARU_BT_TailoredJK_Set_Black
Shirt: *ARAI* linen shirt_write
Shoes: {theosophy} Airth Boot (Coal)
Tie: *ARGRACE* tailored Jacket tie-C
Hat: [LeLutka]-HAT_fabricA/black

Catero is wearing:

Skin: Redgrave: *REDGRAVE* 07 DarkTan Skin -Tyson-
Suit: Savile Row: =Savile Row= Madison Avenue Suit Bloggers Pack
Shirt: FNKY: FNKY! Smooth Criminal Suit (Black)
Shoes: Adam n Eve: Adam n Eve Mens Shoes - M110 (HS) Ruddy
Scarf: Armidi: [Armidi Gisaci] Sandsbrook Scarf [Sand]
Necklace: Lucas Lameth Fashion Jewelry: (luc) His Prayer Rosary, Onyx/Silver
Hat: Apollon: Homburg hat/Chidori *from Apollon/Homburg hat set03
Ring: Paper Couture: P.C; Black Pearl Ring *no longer available

Poses:  Diesel Works Alagan 11 and Enzo 12.

Anemysk, Vanity and Nina: The Dangerous Baits.

Anemysk is wearing:

Hair !lamb. Wild Nothing by Lamb Bellic
Skin &Bean - Pillow by Keiko Morigi
Cardigan: {mon tissu} Prudence Cardigan  by Anouk Spot 
Necklace (luc) Nalah Long  by Lucas Lameth 
Skirt (part of the dress) The Secret Store - Black Rose by Maylee Oh
Shoes & Stockings - Maitreya Gold Allure by Onyx LeShelle
Glasses: [ glow ] - Old Owl Glasses for One Eleven Event by Anemysk Karu
Hat: {creamshop} Fedora hat by SAZAE Yoshikawa

Vanity is wearing:

Skin:[LeLutka]-Natasha HUSH-Makeup1
Hair:[Lelutka]-VELMA - Pitch(no longer sold)
Teeth:[LeLutka]-Teeth Alpha
Lashes:Cheap Makeup chubby bottom lashes 5
Liner&Blusher:Dutch Touch (blusher vip group gift)
Hat:Clawtooth: Timeless Glamour (Fishnet for hat)
Glases:LisNoir vintage eyes black Think the stores closed
Cape:*COCO* FurCape(Black)
Jumpsuit:Veschi Jump Her!slate
Shoes:[LeLutka]-Saffron Pumps Black
Bag:[LeLutka]-SALENTO Clutch silver
Belt:[LeLutka]-MI VIDA Belt Black

Nina is wearing:

Hair: !lamb. Ambrosia - Butterfinger by Lamb Belic
Skin: (fd) Bird Skin - Slasher 6 (Freckles) by Toast Bard
Coat: (Milk Motion) DU III - coat by Marie Lauridsen (n/a)
Shirt: Kiitos Border Tank *Black* 4 by Trish Blanco (opening gift)
Skirt: Yozoh* Koizora ( Sad swansong ) by como Setsuko
Stockings: *LOVE Its*stockings-normallace by Miki Ceriano
Shoes: :Kookie: No invisi /Vo pumps / Noir  by Kookie Lemon
Manicure: reale manicure - coffee by Mallu Mayo
Bag: ::: B@R ::: Clutch Bag Black (L Hand) by June Dion
Headpiece: LaGyo_Spina headpiece (texturechange crystals) by Gyorgyna Larnia
Earrings: LaGyo_Baba earring  by Gyorgyna Larnia (111 item n/a)

Poses: Diesel Works Kalli4, [doll.] Lucy 07 and [glow] Deep Breath - White lie.

James, Elba and me: The Criminal Minds.

Lauryn is wearing:

Eyes: Poetic Colors - ocean mist.
Lashes: [glow] studio - Pin up eyeliner and Devilicious normal.
Hair: - Neva 2
Skin: Belleza - Elle
Dress: AOHARU - Tweed Femenine Dress White.
Jacket: AOHARU - Fur Coat Black
Head Accessory: WILD 0! Dahlia
Necklace: Atelier AM - Chunky pearl necklace black
Tights: *blowpop* Seamed Fishnet tights
Shoes: Maitreya - Neyya Toe Cap White

James is wearing:

Hat + Hair: Argrace - Hunting Hat
Skin: Lelutka - Eron
Beard: Antebellum - Full Beard (Out now!)
Shades: Shade Throne - The Hype
Shirt + Tie: Savile Row (Part of Berlin Suit)
Coat: Laq - High Collar Coat (Fur not included)
Fur: Sey - Part of Shaggy Fur Coat
Pants: Armidi - Ruvido Slacks
Gloves: Barerose - Part of Black Police outfit
Shoes: Kalnins - Terra

Elba is wearing:

Eyes: Hermony, Coffee
Hair: [e] Rush, Blonde 02
Skin: Atomic, Audri
Eyelashes: Cheap Makeup, Big Pins Lash 7
Shirt: Mon Tissu, So Boho Blouse
Skirt: Tee*Fy, Orelle Dress (skirt)
Shoes: *COCO*, Oxford Shoes

Poses: [glow] Fashion - I'm working so hard, Diesel Works Alagan 8, Diesel Works Natya 3.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

China Doll


Eyes: Poetic Colors - spanish moss
Lashes: [glow] studio - pin up eyeliner | Devilicious 04.
Hair: W&Y AGATA Model 05
Skin: ::DUTCH TOUCH:: JoLie:: PaleApricot PiP
Dress: The Secret Store - My Cotton Poppy
Tights: bijou - StockingD [black]
Headpiece: Wild O! rose red
Shoes: Maitreya Moxie Coal.

Poses: !AVANT - Dolly's Ballon 3 (comes with balloon) | [croire] head games.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Drama Queen!

Hellooo! I had this outfit ready since last week, but since my internet died during 3 days I wasn't able to post it until now. Anyway, here it is! This look is somehow me going back to what I loved doing a lot at the start of this blog, pretty much all about color contrasts, and a lot of red.

Hope you like it!

Lauryn <3


Eyes: Poetic Colors - ocean mist
Lashes: [glow] Devilicious 00
Skin: *League* Amber Fair
Hair: [69] IVAN 02 - Light Noir
Undershirt: :bijou: simple tubetop white
Vest: Armidi - Itimo Leather Vest [Dark Grey]
Skirt: Leverocci - Etta skirt
Coat: [LeLutka] MATUSALEN jacket gray
Leggings: M*A*ii*K*I* Long leggings black
Hat: WILD 0! - ACT gray
Scarf: Decoy - Mraz Scarf Ruby
Necklace: Atelier AM - Chunky pearl necklace black
Bag: [LeLutka] - RUIZ bag
Shoes: *YS&YS* Tiburon police.

Poses: Diesel Works Scarlett 5, 7

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Amongst the feathers and the dandelions

This time around, I come with the latest from DUTCH TOUCH, an updated version of the Jolie skin. Without a doubt Jolie used to be pretty before, but you can't even imagine now! I'm in love with the fact that you can mix the tattoo layer makeups with the skins, you can spend hours looking at all the options you have now. My favourite eye makeups from Iki have always been cat eyes and the Eagle eye makeup, so I decided to mix those with some of the lipstick tattoo layers.

Also as it is usual I couldn't resist coming up with a new look, using the new lovely cardigan from Tokidoki.

See you all later!

Lauryn <3

Please take note of the fact that the hand in the above picture was heavily photoshoped.


Eyes: Poetic Colors - spanish moss
Lashes: [glow] Devilicious normal
Skin: DutchTouch JoLiE V2 (Lipstick-Fuchsia 2)
Hair: [69] CASS 01 - Dark Ash Brown | Maitreya Miabella
Cardigan: (TokiD) is a little cold (grey)
Dress: AOHARU Cables Knit Dress White
Tights: Modd.G Floral Cropped Skinnys Blue
Socks: Tee*fy Arva Socks (Navy)
Headband: *DP* yumyum: Feather Katsuya | Atelier AM hair accessory canary
Bag: Tee*fy My Lunch Bag (Blue)
Shoes: G*Field - Ribbon Slingback Shoes Silver

Poses: [doll.] Lucy 04| [doll.] Veronica 07 | Diesel Works Cyn 12, 6.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Black Swan

This week, one of the most exciting new releases was League's new skin, Amber. As always, lovely facial features, excellent body shading and the light eyebrows are the perfect opportunity to wear those blonde hairs wanting to come out for a while from my inventory.

I also realized that I had never, in the 2 years this blog has been running, blogged a gown. So I figured it was the perfect time to blog an amazing and dramatic gown I found at Sascha's Designs, made by the amazing Sascha Frangilli. I finished the look with some very colorful jewelry from Donna Flora.



Eyes: Poetic Colors - ocean mist
Lashes: [glow] studio - Pin up eyeliner | Devilicious normal
Hair: lamb! Witch Powder
Skin: *League* Amber Fair
Gown: Sascha's Designs Wicked Swan Black
Jewelry: Donna Flora - TANYA Set.

Poses: [doll.] Veronica 04 | DieselWorks - Berrylicious 3.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Broken stubs at the lake

Hey everyone! This blog post name is courtesy of my plurk buddies Thema Felix and Trace Osterham. I was out of ideas and thinking of a blog post name is always a drag! so thank you so much :D

This is an outfit I was meaning to do for a while, I fell in love with TokiD skirt but couldn't think of the right outfit for it. Finally with a some help from some friends, inspiration came to me in the form of this outfit.

<3 Lauryn


Eyes: Poetic Colors - spnaish moss
Skin: LAQ Claudia2 Milky
Lashes: [glow] studio - Pin up eyeliner (tattoo layer) and Silouhette Lashes: WIDOW (Natural).
Hair: Maitreya - Nimue
Jacket: FIR & MNA - The Dorset Coat Brown
Sweater: SUGARCUBE - turtle neck beige
Skirt: (TokiD) le frills skirt - purple flowers
Tights: Modd.G - Basic Stocking {Roberta's Blue}
Hat: {theosophy} Waterbeck Hat Cacao
Brooch: Swallowtail turquoise Corsage
Bag: [LeLutka] MEANITY bag mocca
Shoes: G*field Bow Strap Shoes "Kate" Brown

Poses: [doll.] Veronica 08| Diesel Works Berrylicious 2.

Location: Cap Estel   

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Lauryn The Explorer

Hey there! I'm back with some more LeLutka and with LAQ's new skin Claudia 2. Love the facial features of Mallory's new skin and I adore the one with frekles. I felt this time my outfit made me look ready to go into an adventure, and to venture into a safari trip. I really do feel like a hunter this time around! :P

Hope you like it.


Eyes: Poetic Colors - Carribbean reef
Lashes: Redgrave - Cleopatra
Skin: LAQ - Claudia2
Hair: Maitreya - Joy Coffee
Coat: [LeLutka]. MACKIN IT coat/olive
Shorts: R.icielli - ELEANOR highwaist short/smoky
Tights: *Linc* Wool Panty Khaki
Bag: [LeLutka] - CADMIO bag
Boots: G*field Short Lace Up Boots

Poses: [doll.] Julia 08 | [doll.] Celestia 5.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sunday Afternoon


Eyes: Poetic Colors - bright - spanish moss
Lashes: [glow] studio - Pin up eyeliner (tattoo layer) and ARSNOVA.
Hair: [elikatira] Fresh - Brown 08
Skin: LAQ Phoebe 2 08
Jacket: [LeLutka]. La PATRONA Coat Blue
Dress: AOHARU Cables Knit Dress Ivory
Tights: !Ohmai Basic Sheer Leggings Navy
Shoes: J's Way2 Short Boots Beige
Necklace: [mpb] Biologically Delicate - Pomegranade Passion
Bag: (TokiD) Kawa Baggu - ruby

Poses:  [doll.] Emma 03 and [snOok] Pink is my new obsession.

Monday, October 18, 2010


It's been a while since I wore a LAQ skin, after almost wearing them non stop and loving them so much I took a much needed break and with their latest skin, Phoebe I remembered why I love these skins so much. I was also glad to find some great new items at MALT Fashions, lovely new dresses and this top caught my attention. 

Hope you guys like it! 


Hair: [LeLutka] GEMMA hair - Soysauce
Eyes: Poetic Colors - Carribbean reef
Skin: LAQ - Phoebe2 Milky
Lashes: [the Obscene] Lashes IPOS
Top: .:MALT:. Florentia Dress Frill Top - Seance
Skirt: *COCO* Blubble Skirt Black (edited)
Leggings: HouseofFox:: Celtic Scale Knit Leggings
Bag: ORTA - Stella Clutch in Petal
Shoes: BAX Coen - Ankle Boot Black Patent.

Poses: [doll.] Emma 02 | Diesel Works Odyssey 9.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

An Autumn Afternoon

Hello! Yes it's me again, and as hard as it is believe I blogged two days in a row, let's hope I'm able to do it more often. Anyway, I bring to you an outfit I came up with inspired by the new AOHARU ponchos and the colors of fall. I've been always fascinated by the combination of brown and turquoise and I thought of the arrival of autumn as a chance to mix those colors and layers I like so much.


Eyes: Poetic Colors - Ice Crystal
Lashes: Redgrave - Moulin Rouge
Hair: Maitreya - Miabella
Skin: Belleza - Elle
Top: MIEL - ELLE Uber Top Paprika
Poncho: AOHARU - Poncho Cardigan Brown
Skirt: Fume - Autumn Skirt
Tights: Tee*fy - Love letters Leggings
Earrings: [glow] studio - Bitterness
Shoes: ANEXX - Fringe Western Boots

Poses: [doll.] Emma 08 | Diesel Works - Odyssey 4.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Frozen Forest


Eyes: Poetic Colors - Ice Crystal
Lashes: Redgrave - Showgirl
Hair: Exile - Venus
Skin: Belleza - Elle
Dress: AOHARU - Monroe Gradation Dress White
Jewelry: Earthstones - Falling Leaves Frost

Pose: [doll.] Emma 08.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Queen of Shadows


Eyes: Exodi - Spiritus Eyes Honey
Lashes: Redgrave - Cleopatra
Hair: *barberyumyum* 09
Skin: Exodi- Isolde Cachet (New makeups!) 26
Dress: Elate! - Mei Ice
Tights: *linc* Wool Panty Black
Coat: AOHARU - Fur Coat Black
Hair Jewel: Donna Flora - AYLA hair jewel onix
Bag: LeLutka - RUIZ bag
Shoes: HAYSURIZA Sayuri Midnight Red.

Poses: Diesel Works Odyssey 1 and 4.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Happy Birthday!

It seems incredible to me, that it's been two years already since I started this blog. It has been a great source of fun and inspiration for me and also a representation of what my second life has been like, specially since I was still kinda noobish when I was first introduced into the blogging world.

I wanted to celebrate this special occasion, with some of my closest friends, those who have been with me for the last two years. It was also the perfect excuse to bring some guests into this blog, so I bring to you the awesome James Schwarz and Emleigh (Reincarnated).

And for all of those who have been reading and looking at these sometimes boring pages... Thank you! ♥


On Emleigh (aka. The reincarnated):
Hair: booN, QPT129, brown
Skin: Atomic, Audri, porcelain
Makeup: Cheap Makeup, Warhol's Muse Eyeshadow 6
Shirt: Ooh LaLa, Betty BodySuit, Cream
Skirt: Sugarcube, belted skirt, brown
Necklace: .+*AA*+., silk scarf, pink
Shoes: p.c; Suede Platform Pumps /Wrapped, Jima

On James (aka. Jaime Eduardo Almenares):
Hat and Hair: Anaphora - Morrison
Skin: Mother Goose - Robbie
Glasses: Epoque - Retro Shades
Shirt: Schadenfreude - Oxford Shirt
Jacket: Alphamale - Classic Leather Jacket
Pants: Doppelganger Inc. - Everyday Jeans
Shoes: HOC Industries - Easy Stridern

On Lauryn:

Hair: *barberyumyum* 20/black
Lashes: [glow] studio - Pin up eyeliner
Skin: -tb-DU Narcissus
Blouse: G Field Silky Blouse "Charlotte" Ivory
Skirt: AOHARU - Ribbon Skirt Leather/Ivory
Jacket: AOHARU - Military Cape Coat Olive
Tights: *linc* Wool Panty Eggplant
Headband: **DP**yumyum Katsuya
Shoes: R2 "Koaniani" elua Beige stripe

Poses and Fence: All by GLITTERATI (Katey Coppola).

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fade Away


Eyes: Poetic Colors - carribbean reef.
Lashes: [glow] studios.
Skin: Exodi - Isolde Cachet.
Hair: AOHARU - Nina
Dress: SUGARCUBE - DU4 Narcissus Dress
Shoes: LMK - DU4 Narcissus Dress (Polina Kaestner)

Poses: DieselWorks - Shake 8 | Golden Delish - Walking Away.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Untamed Queen and The Nomad

Yri, is one of the most recent releases of Iki Ikarus, the owner and designer behind the amazing store known to all of us as Dutch Touch. This time I let my imagination fly and luckily inspiration came to me, in the form of two completely different ways to portray the beauty of Yri: The Untamed Queen and The Nomad.

The Untamed Queen.

Eyes: Poetic Colors - Caribbean Reef
Lashes: [glow] flutter lashes
Hair: Bliss Hair - Mari Hair
Skin: DUTCH TOUCH - Yri Cotton
Dress: Fume - Giraffe Dress
Leggings: M*A*ii*K*I Long Legging Pink
Earrings: *Zaara* Sarayi painted hoops
Bangles: *Zaara* Indra Painted blangles
Belt: *Fishy Strawberry* Geisha Leather Belt Deep Sea
Shoes: Maitreya Gold - Esprit

Poses: ..::DARE::.. Fierce Deep Lunge | DieselWorks - Berrylicious 1.

The Nomad.

Hair: *barberyumyum* 16 /black
Skin: DUTCH TOUCH Yri Cotton
Jacket: Emery - Blazer Looked # Burgundy
Jumpsuit: Emery - Jumpsuit Roxe
Tights: *Linc* Wool Panty Charcoal
Hat: {theosophy} Waterbeck hat
Guitar: ::Libber's:: Huggable Guitar.
Shoes: Orange Creations - Mercy Sand

Poses: !BANG - Fall Away 2 | Hug pose that came with the guitar.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Bold and Sharp: Shoe Fair Farewell

Shoe Fair closed it's doors today, and even though I tried as much as I could to post this, before it closed I wasn't able to :( I spent around 6 hours editing the pictures, so when I finished it was too late and the fair had ended. Anyway, I guess I will make of this blog post an homage to the event that raised awareness and a lot of funds for a very worthy cause: Soles4Souls.

These are some looks I came up with wearing some of the shoes that were available during this incredible event. And now sorry for the picture spam!

Hair: MIEL TUE Hair
Skin: DUTCH TOUCH SjoRs Eagle Cotton
Dress: Tee*fy yurim Dress Nude
Belt: Armidi
Shoes: Kookie Bonnie Dessert.

Poses: [doll.] Chloe 10 | DieselWorks Shake 6.

Hair: MIEL WED Hair
Skin: ATOMIC - Skin Audri Bubble
Dress: (epoque) Latex Fin dress Nude
Necklace: {Violet Voltaire} Time killer Necklace
Shoes: {Theosophy} Caerau Studed Pumps (Dune).

Poses: ..::DARE::.. Relaxed hand over head | [doll.] Chloe 05.

Hair: booN FTN683 hair Black
Lashes: Redgrave - Cleopatra.
Skin: Exodi - Isolde Cachet
Dress: Tee*fy Paito Dress Noir
Necklace: [glow] studio How can I enter?
Bag: Paper Couture - The tasty Bag
Shoes: (Royal Blue) Tough Love Boots in Noir and Gold.

Poses: [doll.] Chloe 10 | DieselWorks Shake 5.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Lace, Flowers and Ribbons: Shoe Fair Part 1

Shoe Fair has started and I bring to you the first blog post about my great finds on the fair. These definitively caught my eye! The new shoes from Ingenue and Theosophy were a perfect fit for the sweet and mellow look I was going for. Along with some new releases from DP*yumyum, I bring to you two outfits and some very cute shoes! ^^


Look 1 (from left to right):

Eyes: Poetic Colors - Caribbean reef
Lashes: [glow] devilicious normal
Hair: Exile - Clara
Skin: ATOMIC - Skin Audri Bubble
Dress: DP*yumyum: TubeTop Dress yellow
Tights: actchio - oriental fishnets
Shoes: {theosophy} Careau Ribbon Pumps (lemonade)

Pose: POSER ALERT Red Tie Femme 13.

Look 2

Hair: UncleWeb - Gloria
Skin: Exodi - Isolde Cachet
Tunic: DP*yumyum: linen pullover brown
Undershirt: *Thimbles* Ordinary Tube Top red hot
Skirt: Pink Outfitters - Coppola Flare Skirt - brass 
Leggings: [Plastik] Leggings Woodwork
Head accessory: (part of) DP*yumyum: rose petal dress red
Shoes: Ingenue - Dianthus in Bloom

Pose: [.doll] Celestia 1 PLATINUM HUNT.

Furniture: {theosophy} Killay cabinet.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Fringe, Feathers and Bows

Hellooo! I bring to you two looks, both inspired by the gorgeous newness from AOHARU, and the new home just released by Djinn & Tonic. I've been meaning to do some softer looks, specially after my last blog post was a bit more on the dark side.

I'm mixing items from different stores and wearing my latest purchase the new ATOMIC skins, I absolutely adore the two toned lips and the sweet face. Hope you like it!


Eyes: Poetic Colors - ocean caribbean reef.
Skin: ATOMIC - Audri Cream
Hair: fri. Hayley 2
Lashes: ARSNOVA - Black Lashes
Top: (part of) AOHARU - Ruffle Romper Brown Flowers
Skirt: Elate - Betsy Ice Skirt
Scarf: Atelier AM - Silk Scarf Pink
Necklace: Wippet & Buck - Love is a Deserter
Shoes: ANEXX - Bow Ballet Flats

Poses: Diesel Works Shake 5 and Natya 4.

Background: Djinn & Tonic [HOME] Count the hours...


Eyes: Poetic Colors - Ocean Mist
Skin: ATOMIC - Audri Cream
Hair: D!va - Hair Mayumi
Romper: AOHARU - Ruffle Romper Fish
Headband: Relentless Couture - Beads N' Feathers Headband
Bag: *Mayonaise* Too Large A Woven Bag Yellow
Shoes: ANEXX - Fringe Morocco Sandal Brown

Poses: Diesel Works - Natya 5 and 3.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Potter's Field

A great event is being held by 44. Caliber, called Potter's Field. With the participation of many great designers and a very dark theme it's the place to go to get some interesting items and some goth glam inspired clothing. I bring to you some looks I put together with many of the great clothes and accessories available at Potter's Field.

Don't forget to visit! Click here to go to Potter's Field

Enjoy! ^^

Eyes: Exodi - Tetra eyes - Naturals (Leaves)
Lashes: [glow] Devilicious 00
Skin: &Bean - Pillow
Hair: Djinn & Tonic - Rosalind Faun (For Potter's Field)
Dress: PIDDIDLE - Meeting the Shadow (For Potter's Field)
Tights: *Sheer* Tights 11: Vines Black
Necklace: Atelier AM - Chunky Pearl necklace
Shoes: AOHARU - Ribbon High Heel Bordeaux

Pose: [doll.] Chloe 09.

Skin: Djinn & Tonic - Potter's Field The Mistress
Dress: Djinn & Tonic - Potter's Field The Mistress (Parasole too)
Head Accessory: WILD 0! Dahlia
Necklace: MIEL Osa Necklace
Leggings: Veneno - Lace Vintage Leggings
Shoes: BAX Ankle Boots Black Patent

Pose: [snOok] Pink is my favourite crayon.

Eyes: Exodi - Tetra eyes naturals (crystal)
Lashes: Cake - Runway Lashes 4
Hair: lamb! - Witch
Skin: Belleza - Elle Dark Fair 3
Top: (part of) Silence - For potter's field
Skirt: *COCO* Feather Skirt
Leggings: Veneno - Lace Vintage Leggings
Shoes: J's Ankle Boots

Pose: ..:: DARE ::.. Ssshape.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Country House

A little bit late (as usual) but here I am, and not even the falling light post next to my house that left me without power for a day could stop me!

This blog post was inspired by the new Doutch Touch skins: XaYa, with beautiful and sweet facial features and the usual amazing detailing Iki's creations always entails. Also ANEXX's new fringe boots which are adorable, made me feel ready to hit the country fields in this pixel world!

And now some picture spam as usual, hope you like it!


Eyes: ::Exodi:: Tetra Eyes Naturals (ocean)
Lashes: [glow] devilicious normal
Hair: TRUTH Tellulah - Caramel | [69] ME - Chestnut | Maitreya - Alex.
Skin: DUTCHTOUCH :: XaYa::
Head accessory: atomic bambi
Hat: Cockels - Straw Hat Lace C
Top: K&Co - Song Bird in white and dull pink
Skirt: Sh*t Happens - Blue to cream ruffly skirt
Dress: Meriken Co. - Doya Dress pink
Jacket: AOHARU - No Collar Leather Jacket Beige
Shoes: ANEXX Fringe Western Boots

Poses: [doll] Chloe 01, 05 | {flowey} if I lay here | Pretzel Poses - One Shot Too Many 5.