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Monday, March 30, 2009

A Luscious Rainbow


Over the last few days I have ran into some great fashion finds. It all started when I got some gorgeous ethnic jewelry from Bella Bombast I discovered a fantastic dress in Modern Gypsy which I felt went along with the ethnic feel I wanted the outfit to have. When it came to the shoes, I have to admit that I tried the prim feet/toe sandals with very little success so I went back to my HUB sandals, they have prooved to be a very useful item in my inventory.


The second look is completely different and the idea came from the cute Apron Buttonfront Dresses from Kenzie & Co. The color combination of these dresses made them impossible for me to resist! I found in the Aoharu Sarrouel Pants a perfect match!



Eyes: Tuli - eyes "quiet" brown
Lashes: Cake- Bedroom Lashes
Skin: Bebae - Valentine *Caramel: Red (no longer available)
Hair: ETD - Chel (Black)
Dress: !Modern Gypsy! - Lush (Spring)
Necklace: UZURI - Nahla Necklace (monochrome)
Bracelet: UZURI - Nahla Bracelet (monochrome)
Shoes: HUB - Venus Sandals Sleek Noir

Pose: {flowey} Stylish bum

Eyes: Reale - Eyes Natual Bliss ( Ash Blue)
Lashes: Cake - Bedroom Lashes
Skin: Laqroki - Kat [Fair]
Hair: UncleWeb - Kotone
Top: (part of) Kenzie & Co - Apron Buttonfront Dress Teal/Red
Pants: Aoharu - Sarrouel Pants Purple
Earrings: Je Veux - earring turquoise
Corsage: Swallowtail - Sculpted Corsage Red
Shoes: Maitreya - Verve Pumps Red

Poses: *Luth* Runway V2 05| *TorridWear* HighFashion 2

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Farewell Winter

Farewell Winter

Okay I know I'm a little late and that spring has already arrived, but I wasn't willing to let go of winter. Mostly because where I live there's no seasons, so I don't have to endure the incredibly low temperatures that winter implies, but what I do get to enjoy it's the influence that the wintery season has on fashion, I love the coats, the scarves and the boots. So you may call this my transitional blog post since I am now willing to embrace spring, that's why I decided the new Mimikri jacket/coat was the perfect choice, which reminds me spring because of the flower print but the color palette represents winter.

I matched this jacket/coat in two different ways and I couldn't decide which one I liked better, so I decided to show all of you the two of them. They're basically the same outfit, and the same colors are used in both, the only difference is the jewelry the pants and the shoes.

Farewell Winter

Which one do you like better?

À bientôt!


Eyes: Slink - Soulgazer eye Range Aqua Brown
Lashes: The Obscene - Collection Lashes iPOS
Hair: *Zero Style* - Kuhn (Dark Chocolate)
Skin: AOHARU - Lisa 16 (Peacock Lady)
Jacket/Coat: Mimikri - Kiku winter/ Jacket & Coat
Dress: Armidi Limited - Tunic A001 Tank [Black]
Pants: Slink - Buckle Pants Black
Necklace: Zaara - Kaya Turquoise | ::69:: - Rattan Necklace White
Earrings: Zaara - Kaya Turquoise
Shoes: Maitreya - Slinky Stilettos Turquoise | *HUB* - Venus Sandals, Pale Blue

Poses: TorridWear *T* Stand 8 | *Luth* Runway V2 09| TorridWear - HighFashion 1 | *Luth* Sex Sells V2 01.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sexy Back

Sexy Back

So today inspiration finally hit me! and it did in the form of Hilary Duff and Rihanna. Both have worn high waisted hot pants in some of their music videos. And since I saw them I couldn't resist and I needed to have those in sl. My quest ended at Cashmere where you will find them in every color imaginable. Despite the amount of colors, this time I went for the always classic black and white look. As you can see, the outfit in itself it's quite basic: white shirt and black hot pants, which meant that accessories were a necesity. A long necklace and a hat was what I chose to compliment this simple yet sexy look.

Hope you like it!


Eyes: Tuli - "quiet" eyes brown
Lashes: The oBscene - Artemis Lashes
Hair: Truth - Amber espresso
Skin: Laqroki - Kat [Fair]
Shirt: Ce Cubis effect - Shirt H5 for women (white)
Pants: Cashmere - Risque Shorts
Hat: Akeyo - Fedora BlackWool
Necklace: Paper Couture - Pearl Strand Set
Nails: Reale - manicure black
Shoes: AW Design - CourtX court

Poses: *Luth* Sex Sells V2 10| *Trico* StandPose 38

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Blogger Schizophrenia

You could say today was a very productive day in terms of my creativity, so much that I finished several projects I had in mind at the same time on the same blog post! And for the picture spam I apologize in advanced.

I called this post Blogger Schizophrenia, because just like the mental condition, this post has multiple personalities... it includes a ballet ballerina, a rocker chick and skin review, all wrapped up into one!

Kat: Laqroki's new release!

Laqroki, my all time favorite skins store, released a new skin called Kat, and I find myself short when it comes to list the many reasons why I love the new Glow Skins from Laqroki, but I'll try my best to include them all. For starters, the lips are incredibly realistic and the fatpack comes with a wide variety of makeups. As for the shading (the part I look the most in a skin and that differentiates the level of quality) it's impeccable, just how I like it, natural and detailed but non excessive. The cleavage looks sexy and natural, the abs the belly button and the nipples are incredibly realistic, just like it's predecessors Kat doesn't disappoint. As a special detail I noticed the little freckles around the nose, I usually dislike freckles specially on sl skins, but these are adorable and subtle, they're that little something extra that makes Kat unique.

Rocker Chick

Now changing the subject a little, I was lucky enough to get some new releases from Tatianna Faulkes so I decided to play around a little and put together two outfits. The first one is a combination of rock and pop inspired by the Tank Dress I found at Calypso Giano and the Acid Wash Jeans from FAB.PONY. The second look, it's something I've been meaning to do for quite some time, a Ballerina outfit, and with the help of the new Ballet Tops from FAB.PONY it was possible to finally get it done.


Hope you like it!


Eyes: Reale - Natural Bliss (Ash Blue)
Lashes: The Obscene - Collection Lashes iPOS
Hair: VintageWear - Flat Iron War| VintageWear - London Import| BP* autumn natural chignon
Skins: Laqroki - Kat [Fair] Glow Skins
Jacket: MichaMi - Noomi Jacket in Black
Top: FAB.PONY - Ballet Top (Pure White)
Dress: Calypso Giano - Tank Dress Rock Girl
Tank: MichaMi - GlamTank in DarkGray
Jeans: FAB.PONY - Acid Wash Jean (Vintage)
Tutu: Canimal - FooFoo TuTu (White)
Gloves: DoMoCo - Gloves: FullFinger black
Belts: S.Olbers - Doublet belt black| Digit Darkes - Flore Belt Black
Shoes: AW Design - Sugar N' Spice Black/White | Shiny Things - Criss Cross ballet flats black

Poses: *TorridWear* - High Fashion 8| *Trico* LeanBack 01| .:Naive:. Poses - [Ballerina v.1] [7]

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Fray

The Fray

After some encouragement from my plurk buddies I finally decided to blog this outfit. For the name, I have to give credit to the always clever Dahlia Eilde <3>

I felt that the new Wrap dresses from *THE CLOSET* would be a perfect match for this skirt, considering the scaly texture these dresses have. So that they would blend in a smoother way I recurred to a silver belt and as you can see this outfit is composed by a beige, light gray and silver combo, resulting in what could be called an icey boho/hippie chic? 

'Till The next time! 

Eyes: Tuli - eyes "quiet" brown 
Lashes: Cake - Bedroom Lashes 
Hair: Maitreya - Apple (Ebony) 
Skin: Laqroki - Amanda 
Top: (part of) THE CLOSET - WrapDressBRW 
Skirt: (part of) Kuri Style - 148featyer(black)paper 
Tank: MichaMi - GlamTank in Gray 
Belt: Armidi Gisaci - Au Di Leather Belt [Silver] 
Necklace: ICoN - ML Necklace and earrings (Silver) 
Shoes: ETD - Starley Pumps (Silver) 

Poses: ::C'est la vie!:: Fashion Series #01-05| {flowey} strawberry fields forever| [LAP] Camera Shy.

Monday, March 9, 2009



While exploring different stores I ran into the newly released dresses from Fab Pony, the fresh colors immediately caught my attention. The same thing happened with these tights from &Bean, for those who know me this isn't a surprise because I have a profound love for tights in general, I always find a way to squeeze them into every single outfit in both rl and sl.

Also when it comes to getting dressed up my favorite time to do so is at night, the fact that the nightime is the propper moment to wear mettalics and in which you can get away with bigger and brighter make me a lover for the nocturne. Let's just say this blog post is an homage for my favorite time of every day: La nuit.


Eyes: Embellished - LiteBlue Eyes
Lashes: Redgrave - MoulinRouge
Skin: Laqroki - Elin
Hair: DejaVu - Mademoiselle Black
Dress: Fab Pony - Cowl Neck Dress (Razzle Blue)
Jacket: Bellange - Leather coat black albero
Tights: &Bean - Slick n Shiny Silver
Belt: Armidi - Au Di Cocodrile Belt [Black/Silver]
Earrings : +plus - Black Pearl Earrings *Silver
Shoes: Maitreya - Frenzy Black

Poses: *TorridWear* High Fashion 3 and 4

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A Style Impose

A Style Impose

After the eccentric look I posted last time I felt it was time to do something more casual. I was spoiled by Fernando Quintessa (Azu Catteneo's alter ego) and also a fellow colombian <3 who gave me this cute vest/sweater from his new and starting brand called IMPOSE.

As many people know I got a new house this week, all the past few days I've been decorating. And I know this might sound strange but I found the inspiration for this outfit in my living room set which has a combination of colors you have probably seen me wear more than once: Red, White and Black.

Hasta la próxima :)


Eyes: Tuli - luminous eyes blue
Hair: TRUTH - Wendy (treacle)
Skin: Laqroki - Elin 11 [Fair]
Vest: IMPOSE - Tres botones (Red)
Shirt: Armidi - Rounded A001 Tee (Black)
Pants: Gigi Couture - Striped Pants
Shades: VintageWear - Boho Shades Metal
Necklace: i-Candy - Butterfly Necklace (white)
Bag: Baiastice - Twiggy bag
Shoes: AOHARU - Ribbon Platform (Bordeux)

Poses:*Luth* Runway V2 10| *TorriedWear* *T* Stand 8| *TorridWear* High Fashion 1.

Monday, March 2, 2009

La Vixen Excentrique

La Vixen Excentrique

About this look there's really not much to say except that I went a little crazy (yeah, ok that's an understatement) with the new LeeZu Baxter Blouse. Anyway, I found this blouse stunning ever since I saw it on the feeds and I wanted to do something fun yet elegant with it. And with help of my Bax Coen's Boots (faithful companions that you have seen me wearing a bunch of times) and the new pants from Zaara I was able to do that, or at least I think so. The hat and the cigarette holder gave a 20's feel to the outfit which I think goes accordingly with the stunning neck prim that comes with this blouse.

La Vixen Excentrique

Hope you like it ;)


Hair: Kin - Mira [Black]
Eyes: Embellished - LiteBlue eyes
Lashes: Redgrave - MoulinRouge
Skin: Laqroki - Elin [Fair]
Blouse: LeeZu! - Valerie Blouse/bark
Underwear: Armidi [Intermizzio]- Mae Collection FadedChic
Pants: Zaara - Inshaya Velour slacks *black
Hat: !!WILD O - ACTgray
Cigarette: Mika - Elegant Animated Cigarette holder
Shoes: Bax Coen - Ankle Boots Black Patent

Poses: *TorridWear*-High Fashion 2, 6 and 1.