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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Channeling Antoinette

It's no secret Marie Antoinette was a fashion icon, so much that after centuries her opulence and style are still remembered. Tiny Bird's hair for the Black Swan Swansong fashion show reminded me of the long gone french queen and it made me wonder how would Marie Antoinette look like if she lived amongst us in these modern days? And here I bring to you my attempts, or my guesses of what a modernized Marie Antoinette look would be like. Pastel colors, flowers and bows reign these looks.

Which look do you like better?


Eyes: Poetic Colors - eyes by LL bright ice crystal
Lashes: Mayden Couture - eyelashes V2 9
Hair: Glotter - getton MILK| Tiny Bird - The Killing Moon (comes with feather)
Skin: Rockberry - Kissed Hunt Light| ATOMIC - Keys to the VIP Hunt Pale
Dress: ICING - Cotton Candy| Baiastice - Organza Dress with lace sable
Headpiece: WILD O - Juliet white/blue
Necklace: Donna Flora - LULU Turquoise
Bag: Tres Blah - Chic Satchel (robins eggs)
Shoes: =DeLa*= Pumps "Stella" Sheer Emerald

Poses: *TorridWear* - High Fashion 2| {flowey} look at me| *TorridWear* - High Fashion 5| Diesel Works - Diva 15.


  1. Wow Lauryn both looks are equally amazing on you.
    The poses accessories picture are all perfect i prefer the look with the blond hair on you personally but both dresses are adorable

    you work it gurl
    :D and <33333

  2. Aww tyvm Vanity! I wasn't sure about blogging the blonde look, since it didn't have that much of a Marie Antoinette feel, but I figured that since it was a modern interpretation it didn't have to be so literal.

    Thanks!! <333

  3. omg, I cannot believe Vanity beat me at first comment. Lol. I meant to comment but your flickr was posted before you updated your blog and..anyways, I was just waiting.

    I love these, the ambiance behind it, the choice of colors, the softness and the simplicity, and that bag...omg, that bag!
    You make me want to eat cupcakes..with marie antoinette! (yes, I'm a sofia copolla fan)

    p.s. I love both looks, I think they compliment each other in all ways!

  4. Hahaha tyvm Uma! Let's eat cupackes and watch Sofia Copolla together! And yesh the bag! I love it and it has a romantic novel inside with Fabio on the cover! LOL

    Thanks for waiting and commenting <333

  5. This is a fantastic idea, and I'd say you are right on the money :). Gorgeous style and beautiful pictures!

  6. dam right i beat u Uma beat you to the groun muahahhah *coughs*

    Really Lauryn awesome post <3

  7. tyvm Bella! I wasn't sure many people would like this post and it's awesome to see the response and it being possitive :)

    Hahahaha Vanity and Uma! I <3 u both thanks for fighting over who comments first!

  8. SLurl to Wild O please? these looks are really cute!

  9. Ty Grazia! Sure here's a slurl to WILD 0! I couldn't get in yesterday they were fixing the sim but it's open now!