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Monday, July 13, 2009

Erin goes to gym class

From left to right: TorridWear - Geomtry 09|Diesel Works - Diva 19|Chico:Chica - hmn - stand 09 - uchimata.

Erin is Bebae's new release! The skins have an awesome shading and they come with different eyebrow options for blondes and brunettes. I like how natural they are and still maintain a great attention to detail, the belly and the cleavage are very well done and they're subtle, which is always a plus for me. I also love the facial features because they're soft and delicate.

Background: Reek - 80's Roller Rink

P.S. Thanks Emleigh Westland who helped me choose the outfit for this blog post. ily <3


Second Picture from left to right:

Hair: TRUTH - Jess Platinum
Skin: Bebae - Erin Creme

Hair: AOHARU - Lauren Espresso
Skin: Bebae - Erin Cinna

Hair: Maitreya - Dylan Bistre
Skin: Bebae - Erin Caramel

Top: *Thimbles* Ordinary Tube Tops/redhot
Shorts: *Thimbles* Unisex Summer Shorts Napkin White
Earrings: artilleri - bead hoop earrings
Legwarmers: Ce Cubic Effect - Leg Warmer White
Shoes: HOC - Bolts Sneakers

Poses: TorridWear - Vain 10| TorridWear - Nicky| TorridWear - High Fashion 3.

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