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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Ju Ju's Closet

Ju Ju's Closet

A few days ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Juwan Lane (the owner of Ju Ju's Closet) while James was taking our pics for the Headshot Series. The next thing I knew she was giving us some items from her store (WooT!!), she pleased me and gave everything in my favorite color: Red. She actually gave me my first pair of chucks in sl (I know shocking) and since that day I don't take them off. I lovers them! She also gave me a red dress and the best part is that it has bows!! (fyi I have a thing for bows if you haven't noticed by now, just look at my older posts).

Ju Ju's Closet allows you to dress in a casual manner (picture 1) but it also let's you feel girly and classy wearing that cute short dress. So don't forget to check it out, Ju Ju's Closet is definitively worth a visit ;)

Ju Ju's Closet II


Outfit 1
Hair: Kin - Nena - Black
Eyes: Liv Tyler Eyes from Crash Couture
Lashes: Artemis Lashes from The Obscene
Skin: Tasha from Laqroki
Top: BF out of Sl 2 from Ju Ju's Closet
Tank top: Long tank tops (Black) from Camie Cooper
Jeans: A001 Jeans [Grey Classic] from Armidi
Shoes: [SVRLY Ltd] Chux by Juwan Lane: - REDS

Outfit 2
Hair: Natalia - Java from TRUTH
Eyes: KAO Crystal Eyes -hazel-
Lashes: Black darling from REDGRAVE
Dress: Miss Lane - Ruby from Ju Ju's Closet
Bangles and Earrings: [IcoN] BC Necklace set


  1. We loooove Juju! those clothes are amazzen..

  2. You hit the jackpot! I luuurve it all and red is definitely your colour. I know where I'm going shopping after work today :D

  3. Jamers you're right Juju is Da best! She Rawks!

    Dahlia: Yes I have an obsession with red in rl and sl and it goes from everything from clothes to furniture. Thank you very much! and I'm really happy you liked the post ;)