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Friday, October 17, 2008

Friday Look!

Friday Look

I was looking for something special for Friday, an outfit that said "I'm ready to party!" but also stated that I was going to do it with style. I think the teal tights with that glittery texture evokes the Friday night clubbing scene while the scarf and necklace give a composed and elegant touch to the outfit. For the heels I have to thank Emleigh who took me to Kookie today and I found the perfect shoes to complete the look, they are gray and they have a bow! (god listened to my prayers) Need I say more?


Lauryn <3

Hair: >TRUTH< Natalia - Java
Sweater: [ZC] (Pull d'Virgin): Lola Knit Dress & Sweater from Zona Cero
Skirt: Amidi Limited - Classic A001 Jean Skirt [Faded]
Tights: &Bean - Spandau ballet Teal tight (I only wore the underpants layer)
Scarf: (modded) &Bean - Super Scarf! Teal
Necklace: ::69:: Rattan Necklace -White-
Shoes: *Kookie* Phoebe - Grey


  1. LOL since when do you pray? did you leave fruits to Santo Moda?

    Haha again, these turned out great.

  2. I'm more spiritual than you think, specially when it comes to shoes LOL.

    Glad you liked it