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Monday, October 27, 2008

Going Undercover

Going Undercover
Today I found out that the FNKY! is having a 50% off sale, so evidently I immediately went there and got these glasses. They reminded me of a typical celebrity pretending to go undercover and trying to walk down the streets undetected. We all know that the glasses probably get more attention and that this strategy almost never works, but I fell in love with them and since I'm not a celebrity well... I don't need to worry LOL.
Going Undercover II
We all know that the accessory of this season are scarfs, that's why I was thrilled to find in ETD the Davina hair which has a scarf attached to it and it color changes. I saw this as an investment more than as an expense considering that you can change the color of the scarf to match every outfit you want.

Since I won't deprive myself of the pleasure of wearing a mini skirt even when it's cold, I wore some leg warmers and Viol√° problem solved! The jacket from A.Y.Y caught my attention from the moment I walked into the store, I adore the pattern and it was the inspiration behind this outfit.



Hair: ETD Davina
Eyes: Natural Bliss (Dark Blue) from Reale
Skin: Tasha from Laqroki
Jacket: ..::A.Y.Y::.. Ratta Blazer (Pink)
Shirt: MichaMi GlamTank in Black
Skirt: Classic A001 Jean Skirt [Twilight] from Armidi
Glasses: FKNY! LadyBug (Black)
Leg Warmers: Leg Warmer (black) from Ce Cubic effect
Shoes: Funny Girl Flats Pink from Periquita


  1. gorgeous outfit...i love it :)) i have not seen this hair before...attached to color changing cool!! And the glasses...i be off to get some for myself hehehe

  2. Thank you very much katime! I couldn't resist when I saw that these amazing glasses were 50% off and the ETD hair will be the hair I'll wear this whole season and it will match all my outfits XD

  3. Aaah, houndstooth and legwarmers! Loves it, Lauryn. <3

  4. Thank you very much Dahls!! I'm really glad you like the outfit.