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Friday, October 10, 2008

In a man's Jacket

In a man's jacket

So yesterday I found a jacket for only 30L (I know amazing! specially considering the quality of the texture) and it looked so good, the only problem was that it was made for men. So I wondered if it was possible to make it work for me, I had tried it once when I got a free jacket on the lucky chair of the Aoharu's men section with no success... LOL... I just couldn't let that L go to waste. So finally after about an hour of intense editing this is how the jacket came to look on me. I gave it a feminine touch with a pink scarf and pink shoes to match, I've always thought that gray and pink look great together. As a finishing touch I added the Maitreya Old Leather Belt into the mix.

In a man's jacket II

'Till the next time!

Lauryn <3


Hair: >FD Hair< Allison - Teak
Jacket: (modded) [s] Jacket_black from KEY
Tank top: *Camie Cooper* Long Tank Tops (Black)
Jeans: [VG]'Classic Denim' in Rugged Dingy from VG Republic
Scarf: (modded) /artilleri/ color thread scarf *pink*
Belt: Maitreya -Old Leather Belt *Black*
Earrings: ++Je veux earring chandelier++
Shoes: AOHARU_WALK_RibbonHighHeel_Pink

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