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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Warm & Cozy

These days it seems like it's getting colder by the minute, and that those tank tops and shorts will have to be stored until the sun decides to come out again. In the meantime, I'm getting all my jackets, sweaters and scarfs out there and I'm really happy about the new season that has arrived. I've always found the autumn- winter fashion collections much more interesting and elegant, I guess that's the reason why I won't be missing the summer days.

Since it's the time for warm and cozy clothing, I bring to you guys one of my recent discoveries: the new Laqroki Knit Cardigan. It's girly and cute I love it! Laqroki (as always) brings us top quality and style. I decided to accessorize with a hair band (those who are fans of Blair's style, know the fantastic twist a hair band can give to a whole outfit) from Chicoco, they have the best I've seen in sl so far. I went for a black and white combination, I always find that contrast appealing and classy.


Lauryn Arado <3

Cardigan: Laqroki ~ Knit Cadigan - White
Pants: [SG*]Monocrom - Black/Pants (Woman) from SweetestGoodbye
Hair: -DC-Tara from Dernier Cri
Hair Band: *chicoco* flower katsuya white
Shoes: ETD Shoes: Starley Pumps (Silver)

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