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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Enjoying UK Style

Hey there I'm back! and sooner than I expected to be, but today I found the most incredible new outfit on sl and I couldn't wait to tell you guys all about it. It all began when my friend Unbelievable Destiny took me to a great store called UK Couture. When I arrived to the store the "New" sign immediately got my attention, and under it was this cute outfit called Willow Couture that I just had own.

The great thing about this store is that you get the whole outfit including every minimal detail, (for a very reasonable price) in this case I even got a cap with blonde hair, so I can guarantee that you'll get your money's worth.

Hope you like it!

Lauryn Arado <3

Outfit: -UK- Couture - Willow Couture (includes everything from cap to scarf)
Boots: Maitreya Dune Boots - Brown
Hair: [ND] Golden Tones Dark - "Party Girl II"

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