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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Vive la vie Bohème!

Ever since the Baz Luhrmann musical, Moulin Rouge hit the screens in 2001 I've been obsessed with it. He described a world in which a group of starving artists had as an inspiration the ideals of the Bohemian Revolution: Truth, Beauty, Freedom and Love. Call me a dreamer, and I probably am one, but those ideals sound pretty good to me. That's why I figured this could be a good theme for my first blog.

Definitively if someone made being a courtesan look good it was Nicole Kidman, at least she wasn't one of those unfortunate escorts that decide to wear tacky and skimpy underwear, after all she was the Sparkling Diamond. On the other hand, (and probably the main reason of why I love this movie) I have a major crush on Ewan McGregor I don't even know how to describe it but he has an special appeal XD.

I had the chance to visit the Moulin Rouge in rl and you can still feel a Boheme feel in the air, as you walk through the Montmaitre streets. It's and incredibly charming place that has been recreated in sl in two different sims (the Moulin Rouge and the 1900 Paris sim) and since I couldn't decide I used them both for my photoshoot.

Even though life might take you in the opposite direction of the Bohemian ideals, if you're a dreamer like me it's nice to take some time to relive La Vie Bohème.

Bye!! <3

P.S. I'd like to thank Brookie for being my model and being kind enough to endulge my crazy ways. And also I'm just getting started on photoshop, I hope you can all forgive my unprofesional pictures I expect things to get better with time and if they don't maybe James can do the pics for me... hehehehe.

*RD* Blush Burlesque Costume (isle)
*RD* Rouge Burlesque Costume (isle)
Rouge CanCan Girl (isle)

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  1. LOL The pics are great! you'll learn more in time yess I'd love to shoot you *hides gun*.