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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Snow White

White n' Warm

I've always liked Snow White more than any other fairy tale, and it might be the reason why I avoid tanning in rl. Anyway this post isn't about the Disney princess (sorry to mislead all of you with the title) but it's about this winter look. I decided to wear all white and the inspiration were these ear muffs, the result of a delightful collaboration between GBL and BOOM. The coat and the boots were no brainers, I just went to the place whit the widest and most charming collection for this season: Aoharu.


Hope you all like it ;)

P.S. The place used for these pictures was my living room for which I have to thank Dahlia Eilde and of course Colleen Desmoulins. XD


Hair: Antie - TRUTH
Skin: Jasmin - Laqroki
Eyes: XtremeVivid eyes Brown/Green - Reale
Lashes: Blackdarling - REDGRAVE
Coat: Sweet Dress Coat White - Aoharu
Jeans: Jeans Blue - Zaara
Ear Muffs: Muffums (White Fur/Grey Plaid) - GBL/BOOM
Shoes: Cutie Snow Boots - Aoharu
Furniture: Avery Living Room Set - The Loft


  1. You AND your living room look great!
    Love those winter whites.

  2. Thank you very much Dahls! Your futuristic look in your new post is awesome. If anyone could pull that off it was you!