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Friday, June 5, 2009

Let's do Summer!

Let's do Summer!

The time for sun, beaches and piñas coladas has arrived. And LeeZu Baxter brings a new outfit with the word "Summer" written all over it, the hat that comes with this outfit is perfect to protect our pixels from the UV Rays or just to look stylish. A necklace, a cocktail, a bag and sandals and you're ready to summer!

Let's do Summer!


Hair: Maitreya - Faye
Skin: Laqroki- Tasha
Outfit: [LeeZu] - Nyar/mint
Shades: VintageWear . Boho Shades
Necklace: (luc) Tropical wood Necklace
Bag: MALT Fashions - Suede Tote Caramel
Shoes: Pixel Mode - Xandi Gladiator Sandals Brown

Poses: *TorridWear* Vain 07| Bag's AO


  1. super cute outfit! i looooove leezu!
    where is the hat from ? it's so cute

  2. tyvm Isadora! The hat comes with the outfit ! every color has a hat to match :)

  3. Lauryn! What a perfect outfit for summer. You and Leezu hit the mark! And that pina colada mmm I'm coming over to your place for some mixed drinks. <333

  4. tyvm Hayden! Come over any time! Mojitos, Pinas Coladas and Mai Tais await! <3

  5. It's cool dress and sandal designs for summer time... Truly perfect!!