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Monday, February 16, 2009

Boots And The City

Thigh High Boots have become an obsession for me lately, considering that they're an incredibly difficult item to include in an outfit, well... at least in a stylish manner. As a big fan of Sex and the City I tried to recreate a look once sported by Carrie Bradshaw, who was able to prove that thigh high boots can be the epitome of good taste. These boots were also worn by Pretty Woman before Richard Gere picked her up, not a good reference if you ask me, but they were also worn by Anne Hathaway on the Devil Wears Prada. Meaning that it's not always fair to put a clothing item into a negative category, it's just a matter of how to wear it.

Boots And The City

Lauryn <3


Eyes: Riddle - Realistic Brights Amber
Lashes: The oBscene - Collection Lashes iPOS
Hair: VintageWear - Fashion Pop
Skin: Belleza - Belle Pale
Coat: LeLutka - LALA coat gray
Hat: AKEYO - Fedora BlackWool
Jeans: DPS - 802 Blue Black
Magazine: Vogue Latinamerica (made by me)
Boots:(tinted) Sweeter than Candy - Thigh Kissers Black

Poses: TorridWear - *T* Stand 8| TorridWear - Geometry 09


  1. Lauryn, the boots look great on you! You really make them look classy.

  2. I totally agree with sarah. I've been wanting to comment on this outfit you've put together. <3
    The secret of these kind of boots is to never wear them with short pieces..making them play the leggings role. I absolute adore the vogue magazine detail and I'm totally borrowing the boots for a future outfit ;) muahs

  3. Tyvm Both! <33

    @ Sarah. Thanks! you gave me the idea of using these boots with that plurk you did a while ago.

    @ Uma. Yes I completely agree! I like to wear these boots with mid-lenght skirts or dresses. For some reason I don't like seeing that bit of skin between the short skirt and the boots. I can't wait to see what outfit you make with these boots I'm sure it will be impeccable!