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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Drama Queen VS The Girl Next Door

Drama Queen VS The Girl Next Door

Bebae decided to celebrate Valentine's Day by releasing an special edition collection of skins, these skins will only be available until the 25th of February, so you'd better hurry! cuz when that date comes they won't be for sale ever again. You can get the skins in 4 different skin tones: Creme, Cinna, Caramel and Coconut.

Each skin tone comes with two make up options: red lips or pink lips. For some reason red lipstick always remind me of my friend James, because he likes to take pictures of me with a red lipped skin and make me look like a bitchy telenovela villainess. Which gave me the idea of using the red lipped skins with a really dramatic look while on the other hand, the pink lipped skins with a demure and cute look.

Drama Queen

The Girl Next Door

As always what you can expect from Bebae is present in these limited edition skins, the incredible shading, the realistic elements and great detailing. I particularly liked the realism of the nipples (not being shown here sorry, the demure side of me won that one) and I fell in love with the shading both body and face are impeccably done.


Drama Queen
Eyes: PixelDolls - (Avatar) Eyes: Natural (opal)
Hair: TRUTH - Shirley II Raven
Lashes: Cake - Bedroom Lashes
Skins: BEBAE - Valentine Skins
Bolero: BAIASTICE - Bigbolero & waspie necklace (gift from the halloween hunt)
Dress: PERSONA - Jaydie dress
Leggings: M*A*ii*K*I - Legging Black
Shoes: Bax Coen - Ankle Boots Pantent Black

The Girl Next Door
Eyes: Riddle - Realistic Brights Marine Blue
Hair: TRUTH - Rachel Smokey
Sweater: /AXEL/ - Juneberry Sweater Green/Brown
Skirt: *Camie Cooper* - Light Denim Skirt
Shoes: [SC] - Sculpted Ballet Flat Brown


  1. Secretos de la Segunda Vida

    Is the story of Conchita Bonita Asuncion who came moved to Caracas from the mountains to work as a maid because her poor mom has AIDS and needs treatment. She finds employment with the Santiago family and everyone loves her except for the young wife of Don Santiago, Carmelita who makes every effort to destroy her; first she seduces and sleeps with Conchita's brother then accuses him of rape so he gets thrown to jail, she then tries to poison her own husband and makes it so Conchita did it and this lands Conchita in jail too. During her time in prison she fell in love with the prison guard Jeanclaudevandamme and they start an affair and Conchita gets pregnant, during this time she was proven innocent, was released and was welcomed back to the Santiago home. Carmelita was very displeased so one day when Conchita was asked to clean the staircase she pushed Conchita down and she watched as she rolled over to the ground. This caused her to lose her unborn child, of course she was devastated and now made it her ultimate mission to get revenge on Carmelita....

    In other words hahahahahahaha, ty!

  2. OMG James you should write telenovelas for a living! I think you just found your true passion.

    ROFL @ Jeanclaudevandamme!