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Friday, April 10, 2009


I was spoiled with Beauty Avatar's new skin releases! Alyssa and Nelly. Alyssa is a hot brunette while Nelly has a very light colored eye brows, which makes her ideal to be a platinum blond. I fell in love with the way both of them suited my shape, which I didn't have to modify, but I have to admit that being a brunette myself in both rl and sl I feel more inclined towards Alyssa.

Opposites: Alyssa

Opposites: Nelly

Next to previous Beauty Avatar skins I noticed and great improvement of the light skin tone, which seems more natural now. The shading (which I always look at very closely) is nicely done and very natural, notice the soft cleavage, the toned stomach and the legs. Another improvement I found were the lips, they now have a delicate glow that makes them look more natural and luscious. These skins just keep improving with time, and with a wide variety of makeups they seem like a no-brainer when it comes to skin shopping.

Beauty Avatar new skins



Eyes: Tuli - quiet eyes brown
Lashes: Mayden Couture - eyelashes V2 9
Hair: !lamb - Bang Bang (Ink)
Skin: Beauty Avatar - ALYSSA Light Skins
Bra: Armidi - Intimizzio Il Giorna White
Pants: Mayden Couture - Sabina 1
Necklace: Paper Couture - Pearl Strand Necklace

Pose: {flowey} we do summer

Eyes: Tuli - luminous eyes blue
Lashes: Rdgrave - Moulin Rouge
Hair: VintageWear - London Import
Skin: Beauty Avatar - NELLY Light Skins

Pose: *TorridWear* - High Fashion 7

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  1. Wow u r really good looking, where is ur shape from? :) <3