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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Flapper Skins

Yesterday Bebae opened it's doors once again, of course the new flied fast and I went to get a hold of the new Anael skins, my personal favorites. It's very common to find skin reviews everyday in different fashion blogs, considering that skins are an essential for sl good looks, but reading over and over this kind of post might turn boring. That's why I gave this "review" my own personal twist, so I decided that instead of bikinis or naked pixels I would sport my flapper dress (mostly because I don't find enough opportunities to wear it :P) and do a 20's inspired skin review. If that makes any sense at all.

Flapper Skins
Anael Cinna skin tone: Bare| Plum| Rouge.

Flapper Skins
Anael creme skin tone: Classic| Runway| Sweet.

I'm a pale skin fan, and I'm still undecided in terms of which skin tone I like more if creme or cinna. But one thing is sure, whether you choose creme, cinna or any other skin tone you will get delicate and soft makeups with incredible facial and body shading.



Hair: George Street - Obstacle 2 for Seven Ultra Lounge
Eyes: The oBscene - Collection Contacts 011
Lashes: Redgrave - Moulin Rouge
Skins: Babae Anael
Dress: Argyle - Charleston Girl White Flapper
Shoes: =DeLa*= Pumps "Helia" White


  1. Super super beautiful dress and look.

  2. Ty Ariehn! I never find enough occasions to wear this dress. So I just used the skin review as an excuse XD abd well the marched perfectly the flapper look.